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Til Death
Not Rated
30 minutes

As they close in on day 9,000 of their marriage – and with the battle scars to prove it – Eddie and Joy Stark have been reduced to seeking voyeuristic amusement in the lives of those around them, like their newlywed neighbors Steph and Jeff Woodcock. Idealistic and passionate, the Woodcocks are still all love and kisses – in distinct contrast to the Starks. A cynical veteran of the marriage wars, Eddie freely gives advice to Jeff, who also happens to be the new vice principal at the high school where they both work. While Eddie is sure he's seen it all, Joy suspects they can learn something from their new neighbors. And as they navigate the tricky shoals of money, in-laws, careers and sex, the Woodcocks begin to learn a hard lesson the Starks already understand: that a healthy marriage requires a delicate balance of secrets, lies, truth Â…and love...in order to survive.

Brad Garrett
Eddie Stark
Joely Fisher
Joy Stark
Kat Foster
Steph Woodcock
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Jeff Woodcock
Timm Sharp
Doug Von Stuessen
Executive Producer
Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa
Annette Sahakian Davis, Marc Firek, Steve Skrovan
Country USA
Language English