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Starsky & Hutch
Not Rated
30 minutes

Despite their differences, the streetwise Brooklyn transplant Dave Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) and his soft-spoken, intellectual partner Ken Hutchinson (David Soul) are the perfect undercover team for Bay City's toughest beats. With help from their jive-talking informant Huggy Bear, their boss Captain Harold Dobey and a souped-up red Ford, they race against the clock to find a stolen car that's been turned into a powerful bomb by an elderly couple looking to deliver a message about the deplorable living conditions for seniors. Relying on their very different perspectives in their pursuit to clean up Bay City's crime-infested streets, Starsky & Hutch take on powerful racketeers, big time drug dealers and low life addicts, prostitutes and pimps, cold blooded assassins and cop killers, powerful racists and even down-on-their-luck average Joes forced into crime just to make ends meet.

David Soul
Det. Ken 'Hutch' Hutchison
Paul Michael Glaser
Det. Dave Starsky
Antonio Fargas
Huggy Bear
Bernie Hamilton
Capt. Harold Dobey
William Blinn (Creator)
Executive Producer
Leonard Goldberg and Aaron Spelling
Country USA
Language English