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Rescue Me
60 minutes
Drama Comedy

The aftermath of 9/11 has left the firefighters of the NYFD traumatized, and no one more so than Tommy Gavin. Recently separated from his wife and their three kids, Tommy drifts between sorrow and anger as he tries to shake the recurring nightmares of his fallen comrades, especially his late cousin, Jimmy Keefe. Working alongside veterans like Lt. “Lou” Shea, Franco Rivera and Sean Garrity, and rookie Mike Lombardi, Tommy battles alcohol and drugs as he struggles to remain first and foremost a New York City firefighter. As Tommy hopes to salvage his failing marriage, he and his friends face their own personal prejudices as they suddenly find themselves working alongside women and even gay men. Beyond the nightmares of 9/11, tragedy shadows the men and women of 62 Truck as they confront the challenges of addiction, unplanned parenthood, illness, divorce and death.

Denis Leary
Tommy Gavin
Michael Lombardi
Mike Silletti
Steven Pasquale
Sean Garrity
Andrea Roth
Janet Gavin
John Scurti
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea
Daniel Sunjata
Franco Rivera
Callie Thorne
Sheila Keefe
Executive Producer
Denis Leary and Peter Tolan (Creators), Jim Serpico
Kerry Orent
Country USA
Language English