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a Raisin In The Sun
131 minutes

Focusing on the African-American, working-class Younger family, they dream of leaving behind the run-down tenement apartment where they have lived for many years. The son, Walter, a chauffeur, dreams of making a fortune by investing in a liquor store but foolishly gives his money to a con artist. His sister, Beneatha, a somewhat flighty college student, tries to find her identity and embraces the "back to Africa" philosophy of a Nigerian friend, Joseph Asagai. The family's matriarch, Lena, dreams of buying a home, and does so with her late husband's insurance money, but the house is in an all-white neighborhood. Their racist future neighbors hire a man named Karl Lindner as a "welcoming committee" to try to buy them out to prevent the neighborhood's integration. However, Walter takes a stand and refuses to be intimidated or bought out.  Based on the groundbreaking play by Lorraine Hansberry, Phylicia Rashad and Audra McDonald received Emmy® nominations for their performances.

Sean Combs
Walter Lee Younger
Sanaa Lathan
Beneatha Younger
Audra McDonald
Ruth Younger
Phylicia Rashad
Lena Younger
Justin Martin
Travis Younger
Bill Nunn
Kenny Leon
Country USA
Language English