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Masters of Sex
60 minutes

MASTERS OF SEX sheds a light on the professional and personal lives of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Together they become pioneers in the science of sex by undertaking a groundbreaking study of the physiological aspect of the human sexual response. As with most visionaries, their personal lives are arguably more fascinating, complex, and revealing than the risqué research that touched off the sexual revolution and took them from a mid-western hospital to the cover of TIME magazine. The drama is heightened by the surrounding cast of hospital coworkers, loved ones and neighbors struggling to comprehend and find their place in the brave new world of Masters and Johnson.

Michael Sheen
Dr. William Masters
Lizzy Caplan
Virginia Johnson
Caitlin FitzGerald
Libby Masters
Teddy Sears
Dr. Austin Langham
Nicholas D'Agosto
Dr. Ethan Haas
Annaleigh Ashford
Betty DiMello
Beau Bridges
Barton Scully
Helene Yorke
Jane Martin
Allison Janney
Margaret Scully
Country USA
Language English