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Mary Hartman
30 minutes

Louise Lasser stars in the title role of Norman Lear's innovative and bent serial, which combines the drama and pathos of a traditional soap opera with a wry, satirical sense of humor. In the fictional town of Fernwood, Ohio, the heroine, housewife Mary Hartman, lives a life that is a quest for perfection as portrayed by the "Reader's Digest" and TV commercials. She is ravaged by mass murders, low-flying airplanes and a waxy yellow buildup on her kitchen floor. Sharing Mary's world is her husband (Greg Mullavy), their 12-year-old daughter (Claudia Lamb), her parents (Dody Goodman and Philip Bruns), her younger sister (Debralee Scott), and the Hartmans' best friends and neighbors, an aspiring country singer (Mary Kay Place) and her older but devoted husband (Graham Jarvis).

Louise Lasser
Mary Hartman
Greg Mullavey
Tom Hartman
Mary Kay Place
Loretta Haggers
Graham Jarvis
Charlie Haggers
Claudia Lamb
Heather Hartman
Dody Goodman
Martha Shumway
Debralee Scott
Cathy Shumway
Philip Bruns
George Shumway
Executive Producer
Norman Lear
Country USA
Language English