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The Jeffersons
30 minutes

With his dry-cleaning business booming, loudly opinionated George Jefferson moves his family--level-headed wife Louise and son Lionel to the upper east side. But life in a luxurious Manhattan high-rise holds unexpected pitfalls for George, including problems with the neighbors, the Willises, his maid, his eccentric British neighbor, and his son's relationship with Jenny, the Willises' mixed-race daughter. The marriage proved to be a successful one, but as with all events in their lives, it too was accompanied by its share of problems, confusion, and, most of all, humor.

Isabel Sanford
Louise Jefferson
Sherman Hemsley
George Jefferson
Marla Gibbs
Florence Johnston
Roxie Roker
Helen Willis
Franklin Cover
Tom Willis
Paul Benedict
Harry Bentley
Emmys© Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Video Tape Editing For a Series
Country USA
Language English