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Not Rated
30 minutes

Shirley Booth won two Emmy Awards® for her leading role in this beloved series based on the cartoons in the Saturday Evening Post. The show centers around Hazel Burke (Booth), the live-in maid and housekeeper for the Baxter family. George Baxter (Don DeFore), a successful corporate lawyer, is always in control of everything at his office, but almost nothing at home. When he returns from the office at day's end to his wife Dorothy (Whitney Blake) and their son Harold (Bobby Buntrock), he enters the world of Hazel. Running the Baxter household more efficiently than George runs his office, Hazel is always right, knows exactly what needs doing, and pre-empts George's authority with alarming, though justified, regularity!

Shirley Booth
Hazel Burke
Bobby Buntrock
Harold Baxter
Don DeFore
George Baxter
Whitney Blake
Dorothy Baxter
Country USA
Language English