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Family Law
Not Rated
60 minutes

Lynn Holt (Kathleen Quinlan), a successful family law attorney, gets the shock of her life when her husband/law partner announces that he wants a divorce and is leaving her for another woman. She gets an even bigger shock when she discovers he has hijacked the practice they built together by taking all the clients, the furniture and staff. All he has left her is the expensive lease with a view of his new office where she can see everything. Lynn is furious, but with the help of her clear-headed associate (Julie Warner), she realizes she must pull herself together and resurrect her life and career. She resorts to unusual maneuvers by sub-leasing her office space to two other family lawyers, a tough-talking divorce lawyer with a questionable past (Dixie Carter) and a not-to-be-trusted charmer (Christopher McDonald).

Kathleen Quinlan
Lynn Holt
Dixie Carter
Randi King
Christopher McDonald
Rex Weller
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Viveca Foster
Country USA
Language English