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Not Rated
60 minutes

With four Emmy Awards among its 17 nominations, this critically acclaimed drama chronicles the daily ups and downs of the Lawrence family, who live comfortably in Pasadena, California. Successful lawyer Doug Lawrence (James Broderick) and his wife, Kate (Sada Thompson), have recently been rejoined by their eldest daughter, Nancy (Meredith Baxter), whose marriage ended in divorce shortly after the birth of a boy. Son Willie (Gary Frank) is a teenager and daughter Buddy (Kristy McNichol) is just hitting puberty. Though on the surface they appear to have a picture-perfect life, beneath this veneer the Lawrences confront the myriad challenges that all families face: illness, love, anger, new careers, school, and the difficulties of living together, and loving each other, as a contemporary American family in the 1970s.

Sada Thompson
Kate Lawrence
James Broderick
Doug Lawrence
Gary Frank
Willie Lawrence
Kristy McNichol
Letitia 'Buddy' Lawrence
Country USA
Language English