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Barney Miller
Not Rated
30 minutes
Drama Comedy

Captain Barney Miller is the patient and wise catalyst who must interact not only with his staff, but with the volatile mixture of malefactors and weirdos who stream through 12th Precinct headquarters. Barney's staff of detectives bring their own personalities to the chemistry: There's naive Wojciehowicz, sophisticated and ambitious Harris, and Dietrich, given to arcane Freudian explanations. Barney and his crew face unpredictable adventures and frequently bizarre assignments with professional dedication and an essential sense of the absurd.

Hal Linden
Capt. Barney Miller
Max Gail
Det. Stan 'Wojo' Wojciehowicz
Ron Glass
Det. Ron Harris
Steve Landesberg
Det. Sgt. Arthur Dietrich
Abe Vigoda
Det. Phil Fish
Ron Carey
Officer Carl Levitt
Jack Soo
Det. Sgt. Nick Yemana
Aaron Paul
Executive Producer
Danny Arnold and Theodore J. Flicker (Creators)
Country USA
Language English