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The Wild One
Not Rated
79 minutes

"What are you rebelling against?" "Whaddya got?" Perhaps the most iconic image of Marlon Brando is his black-leather-clad biker, Johnny, in the film that virtually invented the genre. He and his gang roar into a tiny California town and disturb the locals with their boorish ways. Things remain peaceful, though, until a rival gang shows up. Producer Stanley Kramer was known for his message films, and one could easily see this as a Cold War analogy (e.g., the town is called Wrightsville, rival gang leader Lee Marvin is named Chino, as in China), as well as a shot at the status quo.  Among the townspeople are Mary Murphy, Robert Keith, Jay C. Flippen and Ray Teal, while the bikers' ranks include such soon-to-be-famous faces as Timothy Carey, Jerry Paris, Alvy Moore and future sportscaster Gil Stratton.  The Triumph motorcycle that Brando rides was his own personal bike.

Marlon Brando
Johnny Strabler
Mary Murphy
Kathie Bleeker
Robert Keith
Sheriff Harry Bleeker
Lee Marvin
Jay C. Flippen
Sheriff Stew Singer
Peggy Maley
Laslo Benedek
Screenplay by John Paxton; Based on a story by Frank Rooney
Country USA
Language English