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The Whole Town's Talking
Not Rated
95 minutes
Drama Comedy

Edward G. Robinson plays the dual role of mild-mannered hardware company clerk Arthur Jones and his uncannily exact double, Killer Mannion, a ruthless gangster who's been dubbed Public Enemy Number One. As the result of a case of mistaken identity that leads to his arrest, Arthur is issued a "passport" that the police say will ensure that he's not mistaken for Mannion again. Upon learning that he has an exact double, the gangster forces Arthur into hiding and steals the document to use as a cover for his crimes. But when Mannion kidnaps his girlfriend (Jean Arthur), the normally-timid Arthur must find the courage he needs to save her.

Edward G. Robinson
Arthur Ferguson Jones
Jean Arthur
Miss Clark
Arthur Hohl
Detective Sergeant Boyle
James Donlan
Detective Sergeant Howe
Arthur Byron
Wallace Ford
John Ford
Screenplay by Jo Swerling and Robert Riskin; Story by W.R. Burnett
Country USA
Language English