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Three Wise Girls
Not Rated
68 minutes
Drama Comedy Romance

In the '20's and '30's, a popular premise was to take a trio of small-town girls and send them to The Big City in search of fame, fortune, and of course, men. This snappy little entry stars Mae Clarke, Marie Prevost and Jean Harlow, who struggles to become successful as a model without getting pawed to death by every wolf in sight. Co-writer Robert Riskin contributed his usual crackling dialogue ("Let's go for some air." "That's what I'm giving you: the air!"), and veteran William Beaudine, whose resume spans from Mary Pickford silents to the Bowery Boys, directed. The cast also featured Andy Devine, Walter Byron, Natalie Moorhead and Jameson Thomas.

Jean Harlow
Cassie Barnes
Mae Clark
Gladys Kane
Marie Prevost
Walter Byron
Jerry Dexter
Andy Devine
Jimmy Callahan - Chauffeur
William Beaudine
Story by Wilson Collison; Adaptation by Agnes Christine Johnston; Dialogue by William Beaudine
Country USA
Language English