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Not Rated
93 minutes
Romance Western

In this rip-roaring blend of action, thrills and humor, William Holden and Glenn Ford star as Dan Thomas and Tod Ramsey, two saddle bums whose dream of making their fortune in the Lone Star state has gone seriously awry. When the rough-and-tumble drifters witness a stagecoach holdup, they decide to rob the robbers and go their separate ways. By the time they meet again, however, the two friends discover that they're not only in love with the same woman (Claire Trevor), but on opposite sides of the law as well. Filled with bare-knuckle brawls, necktie parties, cattle drives and shoot-'em-ups, TEXAS is an epic Western adventure.

William Holden
Dan Thomas
Glenn Ford
Tod Ramsey
Claire Trevor
'Mike' King
George Bancroft
Windy Miller
Edgar Buchanan
Buford 'Doc' Thorpe
Don Beddoe
George Marshall
Screen Play by Lewis Meltzer, Horace McCoy, Micheal Blankfort; Story by Michael Blankfort, Lewis Meltzer
Samuel Bischoff
Country USA
Language English