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The Tall T
Not Rated
78 minutes
Action Western

Randolph Scott was one of the western genre's most famous cowboys and he created some of his best work in collaboration with Budd Boetticher, legendary director of westerns. Based on a story by Elmore Leonard, with a tightly written screenplay by Burt Kennedy, this film avoided some of the clichés of typical westerns. Randolph Scott plays a loner who must join some newlyweds traveling by stagecoach, (featuring Maureen O'Sullivan as the bride), after losing his horse in a bet. While on their journey, they are accosted by a savage trio of bandits, led by Richard Boone. Scott matches Boone with his wits and brawn to outsmart the thief. It's no surprise that Scott and O'Sullivan end up together in this suspenseful western.

Randolph Scott
Pat Brennan
Richard Boone
Frank Usher
Maureen O'Sullivan
Doretta Mims
Arthur Hunnicutt
Ed Rintoon
Budd Boetticher
Screenplay by Burt Kennedy; Story by Elmore Leonard
Harry Joe Brown, Randolph Scott
Country USA
Language English