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The Solid Gold Cadillac
Not Rated
99 minutes
Comedy Romance

Judy Holliday shines as an idealistic stockholder who uncovers corruption at the top rung of a major corporation in this lighthearted romantic comedy. Holliday stars as Laura Partridge, a small-time stockholder who creates havoc at a board meeting, falls in love with the former Chief Executive Officer (Paul Douglas), and wrests control of the corporation from its selfish, corrupt board of directors. Adapted from the hit Broadway comedy by George S. Kaufman and Howard Teichmann, THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC was tailor-made to fit Holliday's beloved-yet-shrewd dumb-blonde persona. Both the public and the critics turned this into yet another hit for Holliday and Columbia.

Judy Holliday
Laura Patridge
Paul Douglas
Edward L. McKeever
Fred Clark
Clifford Snell
Hiram Sherman
Harry Harkness
Ralph Dumke
Warren Gillie
John Williams
John T. 'Jack' Blessington
Richard Quine
Screenplay by Abe Burrows; From the play by George S. Kaufman & Howard Teichmann; Produced on the stage by Max Gordon
Fred Kohlmar
Oscars© Best Costume Design
Country USA
Language English