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Not Rated
97 minutes
Action Drama War

There's plenty of top-notch, explosive action in this 1943 Bogie classic about a ragtag battalion stranded in the great African desert during World War II. After the fall of the Libyan city of Tobruk, Sergeant Joe Gunn (Humphrey Bogart) and his crew retreat in their 28-ton tank, "Lulubelle," across the Sahara. Along the way they pick up six Allied stragglers and Tambul (Rex Ingram), a Sudanese corporal and his Italian prisoner. Tambul directs the group to a desert fortress, where they hope to find desperately needed water. A detachment of German soldiers arrives and attempts to barter food for water, but Gunn and his followers refuse. When the Germans attack, Gunn leads his desert-weary men in a desperate battle, hoping that British reinforcements can arrive in time. The film was nominated for three Oscars®, including Best Cinematography for its stunning black and white desert scenery (California's Imperial Valley doubled as the Sahara).

Humphrey Bogart
Sgt, Joe Gunn
Bruce Bennett
Waco Hoyt
J. Carrol Naish
Lloyd Bridges
Fred Clarkson
Rex Ingram
Sgt. Major Tambul
Richard Nugent
Capt. Jason Halliday
Dan Duryea
Jimmy Doyle
Carl Harbord
Marty Williams
Zoltan Korda
Screenplay by John Howard Lawson and Zoltan Korda; Adaptation by James O'Hanlon; Story by Philip MacDonald; Based upon an incident in the Soviet photoplay, "The Thirteen";
Harry Joe Brown
Country USA
Language English