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Ride Lonesome
Not Rated
73 minutes

One of Budd Boetticher's remarkable westerns with Randolph Scott and writer Burt Kennedy, and starring a first-rate cast, including James Coburn in his feature debut. The sixth western in a series of seven, this was the first filmed in CinemaScope, taking place entirely outdoors in the rugged terrain of Lone Pine. Scott plays a bounty hunter who has captured a wanted killer (James Best). Along the way, he acquires some company: a couple of shifty cowboys with an eye toward the reward (Coburn and Pernell Roberts) and a beautiful woman he's saved from an Indian attack (Karen Steele, then Mrs. Boetticher). They're followed by the killer's brother (Lee Van Cleef) and his gang, as well as the Indians.  With a number of surprises along the way, Scott delivered his signature line in this film, "There are some things a man just can't ride around."

Randolph Scott
Ben Brigade
Karen Steele
Mrs. Carrie Lane
Pernell Roberts
Sam Boone
James Best
Billy John
Lee Van Cleef
James Coburn
Budd Boetticher
Screenplay by Burt Kennedy
Executive Producer
Harry Joe Brown
Budd Boetticher
Country USA
Language English