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Requiem for a Heavyweight
Not Rated
85 minutes

Anthony Quinn gives an outstanding performance as the vulnerable, aging heavyweight prizefighter, Mountain Rivera. Originally written as a teleplay by Rod Serling for the Playhouse 90 series, this gripping drama opens with Mountain fighting and losing to an up-and-comer, Cassius Clay (played by Muhammad Ali himself.) When the doctor tells Mountain and his handlers - his loyal trainer Army (Mickey Rooney) and his somewhat dubious manager Maish (Jackie Gleason) - that one more punch to the head could injure Mountain permanently, Mountain must face the challenges of working and living in the every-day world. He meets Grace Miller (Julie Harris,) a benevolent job counselor, who stirs in him the prospects of life and love outside the gritty world of boxing. But when Maish, who owes money to a dangerous gangster, convinces Mountain to help him make some quick cash in a rigged wrestling match, Mountain humiliates himself out of loyalty to Maish, sacrificing his own chance for happiness.

Anthony Quinn
Louis 'Mountain' Rivera
Jackie Gleason
Maish Rennick
Mickey Rooney
Julie Harris
Grace Miller
Ralph Nelson
Story and screenplay by Rod Sterling
David Susskind
Country USA
Language English