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Postcards From the Edge
101 minutes
Drama Comedy

Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine star in Mike Nichols' hilarious blockbuster film about a very real mother-daughter relationship set against the backdrop of today's Hollywood. Based on Carrie Fisher's semi-autobiographical best-selling novel, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE follows the post-drug rehab life of actress Suzanne Vale (Meryl Streep). In order to get a film role, Suzanne must have a "responsible party" supervise her, requiring her to move back into the Beverly Hills home of her mother, Doris Mann (Shirley MacLaine), an enormously popular musical comedy star of the '50's and '60's. Together, these two disparate and vividly drawn women try to establish, perhaps for the first time, a genuine contact with each other and find the common ground that they have neglected for years. Suzanne encounters an array of men along the way: Dennis Quaid as a seductive Hollywood producer, Gene Hackman as the director who gives Suzanne a second chance and Richard Dreyfuss as a smitten doctor.

Meryl Streep
Suzanne Vale
Shirley MacLaine
Doris Mann
Dennis Quaid
Jack Faulkner
Gene Hackman
Lowell Kolchek
Richard Dreyfuss
Doctor Frankenthal
Conrad Bain
Annette Bening
Evelyn Ames
Simon Callow
Simon Asquith
Mike Nichols
Based on novel and screenplay by Carrie Fisher
Country USA
Language English