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My Sister Eileen (1942)
Not Rated
96 minutes

The first screen version of Ruth McKenney's stories of two sisters who move from Ohio to New York: Ruth is the smart one who dreams of a career in journalism; Eileen is the blonde bombshell who wants to be an actress. Rosalind Russell is perfectly cast as Ruth, as is Janet Blair as her wide-eyed sibling, along with such veteran character actors as Brian Aherne, George Tobias, Richard Quine, June Havoc, and a certain comedy trio in a gag cameo.  Ensconced in a basement apartment in Greenwich Village, they encounter a wide array of colorful characters as they struggle to survive in the concrete jungle. It first breathed life as a smash Broadway play in 1940, with Shirley Booth as the wise-cracking Ruth. For this first film version, Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov adapted their play to the screen, and Alexander Hall smartly directed it. In 1953, it was turned into a Broadway musical, WONDERFUL TOWN, with Russell as Ruth and Edie Adams as Eileen. Two years later, Columbia did its own musical remake. Finally, it became a one-season CBS sitcom in 1960, with Elaine Stritch as Ruth.

Rosalind Russell
Ruth Sherwood
Brian Aherne
Robert Baker
Janet Blair
Eileen Sherwood
George Tobias
Allyn Joslyn
Chic Clark
Grant Mitchell
Walter Sherwood
Gordon Jones
'The Wreck' Loomis
June Havoc
Effie Shelton
Alexander Hall
Screenplay and play by Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov; Adapted from the stories by Ruth McKenney
Country USA
Language English