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My Best Friend's Wedding
105 minutes
Comedy Romance

Best friends, Julianne and Michael (Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney), make a promise years earlier to marry each other if, by the ripe old age of 28, they have not found true love. Fast forward to three weeks before their 28th birthdays. Julianne finds out her best pal is about to marry Kimmy (Cameron Diaz), and suddenly decides she wants him for herself. The fun starts when Julianne is asked to be a member of the wedding party and takes the opportunity to set a devious plan in motion to stop the wedding and steal him back. Director P.J. Hogan ekes out laughter from every moment imaginable. M. Emmet Walsh, Susan Sullivan and Carrie Preston and Rachel Griffiths as Kimmy's bridesmaids add to the hilarity.

Julia Roberts
Julianne Potter
Dermot Mulroney
Michael O'Neal
Cameron Diaz
Kimberly Wallace
Rupert Everett
George Downes
Philip Bosco
Walter Wallace
P.J. Hogan
Ronald Bass
Executive Producer
Patricia Whitcher, Gil Netter
Jerry Zucker, Ronald Bass
Country USA
Language English