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Mr. Deeds
97 minutes

In this remake of Frank Capra's classic film, Adam Sandler is Longfellow Deeds, a sweet, sensible guy who owns a pizzeria in tiny Mandrake Falls, New Hampshire. Life is good at the small-town restaurant until a slick corporate mogul, played by Peter Gallagher, brings news that Deeds is about to be rolling in a different kind of dough: a long-lost relative has left him an inheritance of $40 billion, along with the largest media company in the world, a football team, a basketball team and a private helicopter ready to whisk him off to his new home in New York City. The local tabloid reporters see a juicy subject in the naive Deeds, including Babe Bennett (Winona Ryder). Of course, Deeds falls for Babe and with the help of his trusted valet, Emilio (John Turturro), Deeds ultimately discovers that money changes everything - but not everyone.

Adam Sandler
Longfellow Deeds
Winona Ryder
Babe Bennett
John Turturro
Emilio Lopez
Allen Covert
Peter Gallagher
Chuck Cedar
Jared Harris
Mac McGrath
Erick Avari
Cecil Anderson
Peter Dante
Steven Brill
Screenplay by Tim Herlihy; Based on a work by Robert Riskin and Clarence Budington Kelland
Executive Producer
Adam Sandler, Joseph M. Caracciolo
Sid Ganis, Jack Giarraputo
Country USA
Language English