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Member Of The Wedding
Not Rated
91 minutes

Julie Harris recreated her award-winning stage performance as tomboy Frankie Addams and made her motion picture debut in this poignant film based on Carson McCullers' critically acclaimed novel and play. Also reprising their roles from the Broadway play were Ethel Waters as Berenice the cook and Brandon De Wilde as John Henry, Frankie's young cousin. Director Fred Zinnemann was careful not to stray too far from the play, with the central themes of longing and loneliness resonating throughout the lead actors' heart-tugging performances. When her brother marries, Frankie decides she should go with the newlyweds on their honeymoon, to break free from the seclusion she feels in her emotionally turbulent, sheltered life. Harris was actually in her twenties when she filmed this, but her short hair and memorable portrayal of Frankie made her an almost-believable twelve year-old and earned her an Academy Award® nomination for Best Actress.

Ethel Waters
Berenice Sadie Brown
Julie Harris
Frankie Addams
Brandon De Wilde
John Henry
Arthur Franz
Jarvis Addams
Nancy Gates
William Hansen
Mr. Addams
James Edwards
Honey Camden Brown
Harry Bolden
T.T. Williams
Fred Zinnemann
Screenplay by Edna and Edward Anhalt; Based upon the book and play by Carson McCullers; Produced on the stage by Robert Whitehead and Oliver Rea and Stanley Martineau
Country USA
Language English