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The Marrying Kind
Not Rated
92 minutes
Drama Comedy

Judy Holliday, director George Cukor and playwright Garson Kanin reunite, along with Ruth Gordon, in this groundbreaking blend of comedy, fantasy and tragedy which chronicles the relationship of a young couple on the verge of divorce. In the private chambers of Judge Carroll (Madge Kennedy), Florence (Holliday) and Chet Keefer (Aldo Ray in an impressive debut starring role) retrace their bumpy courtship and marriage in flashback. Idealistic young dreamers who meet and marry, the Keefers raise two children, experience financial woes, petty jealousy and seemingly insurmountable and heartbreaking loss. A hilarious dream sequence, excellent use of real New York City locations and realistic depictions of marital strife add up to superior entertainment. Fresh from the tremendous critical and commercial success of BORN YESTERDAY, this role for Holliday proved she was not only a wonderful comedic actress, but also excellent with pathos as well. Newcomer Ray, formerly employed as a town constable, received unanimous critical acclaim and would next work again with George Cukor in MGM's PAT AND MIKE with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.

Judy Holliday
'Florrie' Keefer
Aldo Ray
'Chet' Keefer
Madge Kennedy
Judge Anne B. Carroll
Sheila Bond
Joan Shipley
John Alexander
Howard Shipley
Phyllis Povah
Mrs. Derringer
Mickey Shaughnessy
Pat Bundy
Giff Barnett
George Cukor
Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin
Bert Granet
Country USA
Language English