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The Man From Laramie
Not Rated
104 minutes

Director Anthony Mann ran off a string of remarkable westerns in the 1950's at various studios. Columbia's entry was this brooding, grim melodrama about a cowpoke (James Stewart) out to find those who killed his brother.  Mann, Stewart, and writers Philip Yordan and Frank Burt turn this into a tense, psychological study of strong-willed men pushed to the limit. Charles Lang's outstanding CinemaScope photography reaps maximum benefit from the dusty New Mexico locations, and Stewart is ably supported by such veterans as Donald Crisp, Arthur Kennedy, Aline MacMahon, Wallace Ford and Jack Elam.

James Stewart
Will Lockhart
Arthur Kennedy
Vic Hansbro
Donald Crisp
Alec Waggoman
Cathy O'Donnell
Barbara Waggoman
Alex Nicol
Dave Waggoman
Aline MacMahon
Kate Canady
Wallace Ford
Charley O'Leary
Jack Elam
Chris Boldt
Anthony Mann
Screenplay by Philip Yordan and Frank Burt; Based upon the Saturday Evening Post story by Thomas T. Flynn
William Goetz
Country USA
Language English