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Ladies of Leisure
Not Rated
98 minutes
Drama Romance

Jerry Strong (Ralph Graves, Submarine) is the wealthy son of stuffy but permissive parents who allow Jerry to follow his ambition to be a painter. When he hires party girl Kay Arnold (Barbara Stanwyck, DOUBLE INDEMNITY) to be a model for one of his paintings, the two fall in love despite their obvious differences. But eventually, class distinctions push Kay away — back toward her old life, one just shy of prostitution. Directed by Frank Capra (MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON), LADIES OF LEISURE was also one of Stanwyck's first roles and the one that made her a star. Newly remastered.

Barbara Stanwyck
Kay Arnold
Ralph Graves
Jerry Strong
Lowell Sherman
Bill Standish
Marie Prevost
Dot Lamar
Frank Capra
Adapted from A David Belasco-Milton Herbert Gropper Stage Play; Adaptation and Dialogue by Jo Swerling
Harry Cohn
Country USA
Language English