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It Should Happen To You
Not Rated
86 minutes
Comedy Romance

Can an aspiring model find happiness on a billboard?! That's what Gladys Glover (Judy Holiday) finds out in this delightful romantic comedy. Unable to find steady work as a model, Gladys devises an ingenious gimmick: she uses all of her savings to rent a large billboard overlooking New York City's Columbus Circle featuring her picture and name. As it turns out, that billboard is in high demand - Evan Adams III's (Peter Lawford) soap company wants it. With interest in more than just her career, Adams strikes a deal with Gladys so she can acquire additional billboard locations. Gladys becomes a national celebrity but realizes she must decide between her glamorous life and the budding romance she is enjoying with her documentary filmmaker boyfriend, played by Jack Lemmon, in his screen debut.

Judy Holliday
Gladys Glover
Peter Lawford
Evan Adams III
Jack Lemmon
Pete Sheppard
Michael O'Shea
Brod Clinton
George Cukor
Garson Kanin
Fred Kohlmar
Country USA
Language English