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In a Lonely Place
Not Rated
94 minutes

This superb film noir stars Humphrey Bogart as Dixon Steele, a moody, volatile Hollywood screenwriter who's had his heyday and is accused of murdering a coat check girl from a showbiz restaurant. Gloria Grahame turns in a sultry performance as Laurel, an actress who lives in Dixon's apartment complex and provides an alibi for her neighbor. When the police question Laurel about the alibi in front of Dixon, she declares that she "liked his face". The screenwriter is smitten and a steamy romance ensues. The chief of police does not believe Dixon's story and puts his Sergeant on the case, who just happens to be an old army buddy of Dixon's. Laurel learns of Dixon's violent past and must decide if she is in danger by staying with him. Dixon's paranoia and rage surface when he senses betrayal around him, which only serve to confirm Laurel's instincts. Smartly directed by Nicholas Ray, the sharp and smooth repartee between Bogart and Grahame stands-out as some of the slickest dialogue to hit the silver screen.

Humphrey Bogart
Dixon Steele
Gloria Grahame
Laurel Gray
Frank Lovejoy
Det. Sgt. Brub Nicolai
Carl Benton Reid
Capt. Lochner
Nicholas Ray
Screenplay by Andrew Solt; Adaptation by Edmund H. North; Based upon a story by Dorothy B. Hughes
Country USA
Language English