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142 minutes
Action Adventure

From the extraordinary sets to the playful band of Lost Boys to the whimsy of Robin Williams as a grown up Peter Pan, director Steven Spielberg's magic touch is evident in this heart-warming retelling of the classic children's tale. In this version, Peter has grown up to become a highly driven corporate lawyer with little time for his family and no recollection that he was once Peter Pan. On a business trip to London, Peter and his family stay with Granny Wendy. When crusty Captain Hook, ingeniously played by Dustin Hoffman, kidnaps Peter's children, Wendy reveals his true identity. To settle his old vendetta with Hook and get his children back, Peter regains the magic that made him Pan with the help of the sweet Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts) and in the process, realizes that the important things in life are love and family. With a wonderful supporting cast that includes Maggie Smith, Bob Hoskins and a young Gwyneth Paltrow, this visually enchanting tale was nominated for five Academy Awards® including Best Costume Design, Makeup, Art Direction and Visual Effects. Look for fun cameos by Glenn Close, George Lucas, Carrie Fisher and singer Jimmy Buffet.

Dustin Hoffman
Capt. Hook
Robin Williams
Peter Banning
Julia Roberts
Bob Hoskins
Maggie Smith
Granny Wendy
Steven Spielberg
Screenplay by Jim V. Hart and Malia Scotch Marmo; Screen Story by Jim V. Hart and Nick Castle; Books and Play by J.M. Barrie
Executive Producer
Jim V. Hart
Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Gerald R. Molen
Country USA
Language English