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Gerald McBoing-Boing
Not Rated
7 minutes

Gerald McBoing Boing is the boy who doesn't speak but makes noise instead. The classic cartoon written by Theodore Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, was based on a sound recording that consisted almost entirely of voice-overs and sound effects. When Dr. Seuss was approached by the well-known animation company United Productions of America (UPA) to make the short film, the decision was made to keep the drawings simple and let the rhymes and craftsmanship of Seuss' writing stay at the forefront. The simple drawings created by the UPA animators started a new era of animation and the Academy Award®-winning short prompted two sequels and a cartoon series on CBS. Although little Gerald McBoing Boing's popularity has faded, the cartoon still stands as an excellent example of 1950's animation.

Marvin Miller
Robert Cannon
Story by Dr. Suess; Story Adaptation by Bill Scott and Phil Eastman
Oscars© Short Film (Animated)
Country USA
Language English