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The Fisher King
138 minutes
Drama Comedy

An unlikely friendship between former shock-jock Jack (Jeff Bridges) and a homeless ex-history professor Parry (Robin Williams) offers Jack a chance at redemption and Parry a start to a new life. Famous DJ Jack Lucas loses his job when he makes an off-hand remark to a radio caller, which leads to the caller gunning down innocent diners at an upscale, New York City café. Despondent and a drunk, Jack almost loses his life one night until Parry appears and scares off Jack's attackers. Jack, learning that Parry's wife was one of the murdered diners, becomes part of Parry's make-believe world, complete with invisible "little people" and a vicious Red Knight. Jack believes that he can redeem himself by helping Parry find true love again with quirky Lydia (Amanda Plummer). Jack's loyal girlfriend Anne (Mercedes Ruehl) thinks he's crazy but stands by him every step of the way. Ruehl won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar® for her role as the tough but tender Anne. Directed by Terry Gilliam, the film also received Oscar® nominations for Robin William's performance and for Best Screenplay, Art Direction and Original Score. Rounding out the cast is the late, great Michael Jeter, who steals every scene in which he appears.

Robin Williams
Jeff Bridges
David Hyde Pierce
Lou Rosen
Lara Harris
Terry Gilliam
Richard LaGravenese
Debra Hill, Lynda Obst
Oscars© Best Supporting Actress
Country USA
Language English