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Not Rated
106 minutes
Action Adventure

Though they've been friends for many years, when dirigible commander Jack Bradon (Jack Holt) and airplane pilot Frisky Pierce (Ralph Graves) are approached by Arctic explorer Louis Rondelle about mounting an attempt to reach the South Pole by air, they both jump at the challenge. Concerned for his safety, Frisky's wife, Helen (Fay Wray), uses Jack's affection for her to persuade him to stop her husband from making the trip - favor that makes bitter enemies of the two men. However, when Jack's airship is wrecked and Frisky heads for the pole in a boat with Rondelle, an accident that strands them both leaves Jack as the only one able to attempt a daring rescue.

Jack Holt
Jack Bradon
Ralph Graves
'Frisky' Pierce
Fay Wray
Helen Pierce
Hobart Bosworth
Louis Rondelle
Frank Capra
Story by Frank Wilber Wead, James Warner Bellah; Adaptation and Dialogue by Jo Swerling
Country USA
Language English