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The Desperadoes
Not Rated
85 minutes
Action Western

Columbia's first full feature in 3-Strip Technicolor is a rousing, archetypal western with a marvelous cast: Randolph Scott is the sheriff, Glenn Ford the crook who wants to go straight, Evelyn Keyes the good girl, Claire Trevor the bad girl (but not too), Porter Hall the evil banker, Raymond Walburn the slightly crooked judge, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams the comic nitwit (an explosives expert named "Nitro") and Irving Bacon the bartender whose saloon keeps getting reduced to kindling. Edgar Buchanan is the affable postmaster who's really the brains behind the bad guys. 

Randolph Scott
The Sheriff
Claire Trevor
The Countess
Glenn Ford
Cheyenne Rogers
Evelyn Keyes
Allison McLeod
Edgar Buchanan
Uncle Willie McLeod
Charles Vidor
Screenplay by Robert Carson; Story by Max Brand
Harry Joe Brown
Country USA
Language English