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Coroner Creek
Not Rated
89 minutes
Action Western

The search for the man behind the stagecoach robbery that took the life of his fiancée brings Chris Danning (Randolph Scott) to the town of Coroner Creek.  When hotel owner Kate Hardison (Marguerite Chapman) tells him that Younger Miles is the man he’s looking for, Chris hires on as a foreman at a nearby ranch where he can plot his revenge.  Though suffering injured trigger finger during a face off with one of Miles’ henchmen (Forrest Tucker), Chris remains undaunted.  And following the death of one of his ranch hands (Wallace Ford), he corners Miles in a showdown that will leave just one man standing.

Randolph Scott
Chris Danning
Marguerite Chapman
Kate Hardison
George Macready
Younger Miles
Sally Eilers
Della Harms
Edgar Buchanan
Sheriff O'Hea
Ray Enright
Kenneth Gamet
Country USA
Language English