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The China Syndrome
122 minutes

James Bridges directed this box office smash about a malfunctioning nuclear power plant. The "China Syndrome" of the film's title referred to a nuclear plant disaster in which the overheating of the plant's core could cause the earth's surface to melt through to the other side of the planet... to China. Jane Fonda stars as Kimberly Wells in a terrific OscarĀ® nominated performance. Wells is an attractive, ambitious, local TV reporter who has been relegated to local news all the while pining to cover the hard news stories. While working on a special assignment at the plant, Wells and her cameraman Richard Adams, played by Michael Douglas, unexpectedly witness an accident. Adams lets his camera roll and plant officials subsequently deny the incident ever took place. Fearing a lawsuit, the TV station refuses to air their explosive piece. Adams and Wells join forces with a long-time plant engineer, played magnificently by Jack Lemmon who also received an OscarĀ® nomination. Together, they try to expose the truth in order to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

Jane Fonda
Kimberly Wells
Jack Lemmon
Jack Godell
Michael Douglas
Richard Adams
Scott Brady
Herman De Young
James Hampton
Bill Gibson
Peter Donat
Don Jacovich
James Bridges
James Bridges, Mike Gray, T.S. Cook
Executive Producer
Bruce Gilbert
Michael Douglas
Country USA
Language English