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135 minutes
Drama Crime

Real-life couple Warren Beatty and Annette Bening sizzle on screen in this story of mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel and his girlfriend, actress/mob moll Virginia Hill. Sent to the west coast by his New York business partners Meyer Lansky (Ben Kingsley) and Charlie "Lucky" Luciano (Bill Graham), Bugsy soon takes over Los Angeles, becoming a fixture on the Hollywood scene, and falls for the beautiful, tough-talking starlet Virginia, nicknamed "The Flamingo". With the volatile Virginia by his side and with the aid of his right hands, actor George Raft (Joe Mantegna) and Mickey Cohen (Harvey Keitel), the charismatic Bugsy makes his dream come to life by building an oasis in the desert of Las Vegas. After convincing other mob bosses to invest, Bugsy builds the Flamingo Hotel and unknowingly creates a legacy, but not without a fair share of rage, love, and danger. Nominated for an astounding ten Oscars®, including Best Picture, Director and Actor, the film's slick recreation of 1930's Los Angeles by director Barry Levinson helped bring home two Academy® Awards for Best Art Direction and Costume Design.

Warren Beatty
Bugsy Siegel
Annette Bening
Virginia Hill
Harvey Keitel
Mickey Cohen
Ben Kingsley
Meyer Lansky
Elliott Gould
Harry Greenberg
Joe Mantegna
Barry Levinson
James Toback
Warren Beatty, Barry Levinson, Mark Johnson
Oscars© Best Costume Design, Best Art Direction
Country USA
Language English