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The Bridge On The River Kwai
Not Rated
161 minutes
Drama War Adventure

The film that marked David Lean's transition from small, personal stories to epic tales told on an epic canvas (and at epic length). Set in a Japanese POW camp, it depicts the prisoners' forced labors to build a bridge crucial to their captors' plans, under the direction of colonel Alec Guinness, who's determined to do the best job possible, because they're British. Also starring William Holden as a Yank resolved to escape, Sessue Hayakawa in a career-defining comeback as the camp commander, and Jack Hawkins, James Donald and Andre Morell. The film won seven Oscars®: Picture, Actor (Guinness), Director, Screenplay (blacklisted Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson, from the Pierre Boulle novel), Cinematography, Editing and Music. It also immortalized "Colonel Bogey's March," the theme whistled by the prisoners when they first march into the camp.

William Holden
Alec Guinness
Colonel Nicholson
Jack Hawkins
Major Warden
Sessue Hayakawa
Colonel Saito
James Donald
Major Clipton
Geoffrey Horne
Lieutenant Joyce
David Lean
Screenplay by Michael Wilson and Carl Foreman; Based on the novel by Pierre Boulle
Sam Spiegel
Oscars© Actor in a Leading Role, Cinematography, Directing, Film Editing, Music (Scoring), Picture, Writing (Screenplay Adaptation)
Country UK
Language English