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The Bitter Tea of General Yen
Not Rated
88 minutes

Frank Capra's only all-out attempt to make what he called "an art film" was one of his few box-office flops, despite earning a place in history as the film that opened the Radio City Music Hall in New York. Dealing with the then-touchy subject of miscegenation, it stars Barbara Stanwyck (in the last of her four Columbia films with Capra) as a woman arriving in China to marry her missionary fiance. But it's a time of great upheaval, and she's kidnapped by a ruthless warlord (Nils Asther) who's very attracted to her. Stunningly photographed by Joseph Walker, this is a haunting, dream-like movie that is indeed unlike almost everything else Capra ever made. The cast also includes Toshia Mori, Gavin Gordon, Lucien Littlefield, and Walter Connolly, brilliantly cast against type as a renegade American gun-runner.

Barbara Stanwyck
Megan Davis
Nils Asther
Gen. Yen
Toshia Mori
Walter Connolly
Gavin Gordon
Dr. Robert 'Bob' Strike
Lucien Littlefield
Mr. Jacobson
Frank Capra
From the story by Grace Zaring Stone; Screenplay by Edward E. Paramore Jr.
Country USA
Language English/Mandarin