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Big Daddy
Not Rated
93 minutes

Adam Sandler broaches the subject of fatherhood in this hilarious, heartfelt comedy. Sonny Koufax (Sandler) is a thirty-year-old slacker, living off the winnings of an accident settlement. When Sonny's bored girlfriend jilts him for a much older man, Sonny decides he must prove to her that he is capable of maturing. His solution? Adopt a five-year-old boy, of course. The film is laugh out loud funny as Sandler experiences numerous misadventures adjusting to little Julian. Sandler inevitably grows quite fond of the lad and gets a new girlfriend (Joey Lauren Adams) to boot. BIG DADDY perfectly captures Sandler's smart aleck humor and throws an emotional curve ball into the mix, easily making this one of Sandler's most entertaining films.

Adam Sandler
Sonny Koufax
Joey Lauren Adams
Layla Maloney
Jon Stewart
Kevin Gerrity
Cole Sprouse
Julian 'Frankenstien' McGrath
Dylan Sprouse
Julian 'Frankenstien' McGrath
Josh Mostel
Arthur Brooks
Dennis Dugan
Screenplay by Steve Franks and Tim Herlihy & Adam Sandler; Story by Steve Franks
Country USA
Language English