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The Awful Truth
Not Rated
93 minutes
Comedy Romance

One of the most hilariously romantic of all screwball comedies, this earned Leo McCarey an Oscar® for Best Director (one of four won by Columbia in a five-year period; Frank Capra got the other three). Cary Grant and Irene Dunne star as a couple who decide to divorce, but things don't work out as smoothly as they planned, especially as they can't even decide who gets custody of the dog (played by Asta of the THIN MAN films). Ralph Bellamy's role as Dunne's new hayseed beau led to so many more of the same parts (including his definitive performance in HIS GIRL FRIDAY) that he eventually found himself typecast and quit Hollywood for a time. Also on hand are Cecil Cunningham, Alexander D'Arcy and Joyce Compton (who sings "Gone With The Wind" as an airjet blows up her skirt).

Cary Grant
Jerry Warriner
Irene Dunne
Lucy Warriner
Ralph Bellamy
Daniel Leeson
Alexander D'Arcy
Armand Duvalle
Cecil Cunningham
Aunt Patsy
Leo McCarey
Screenplay by ViƱa Delmar Delmar; Based on a Play by Arthur Richman
Oscars© Directing
Country USA
Language English