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121 minutes

Robert De Niro and Robin Williams star in Penny Marshall's moving film adaptation of Dr. Oliver Sack's acclaimed book, written for the screen by Steven Zaillian. Robin Williams is Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a neurologist working in a hospital for the catatonic, who discovers that a drug named L-DOPA can be used to "awaken" the post-encephalitic patients in his ward. De Niro portrays Leonard, the first patient to be given the experimental drug, who suddenly awakens from a 30-year semi-conscious stupor. Sayer helps guide the curious Leonard through his new adult world and learns to open himself up in the process. Williams' subdued, compelling performance contrasts beautifully with De Niro's restrained but harrowing portrayal of Leonard. De Niro earned a well-deserved Oscar® nomination for his role. With Marshall's ability to depict the emotional truth of their relationship, this extraordinary film also received nominations for Best Picture and Screenplay.

Robert De Niro
Leonard Lowe
Robin Williams
Dr. Malcolm Sayer
Julie Kavner
Eleanor Costello
Ruth Nelson
Mrs. Lowe
John Heard
Dr. Kaufman
Penelope Ann Miller
Penny Marshall
Based upon the book by Oliver Sacks, M.D.; Screenplay by Steven Zaillian
Lawrence Lasker, Walter F. Parkes
Country USA
Language English