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Not Rated
125 minutes

A young William Holden stars as Peter Muncie, a drifter who, while en route to California, happens upon Tuscon’s first female citizen, Phoebe Titus (Jean Arthur).  Falling in love, Phoebe willingly abandons her tough, swaggering ways, giving up her pants for petticoats in an effort to get Peter to stay.  Refusing to trade his wanderlust for home and hearth, Peter moves on, leaving Phoebe to throw herself into establishing a new freight line.  But when a pair of villains (played by Warren William and Porter Hall) set out to muscle in on the new business, it’s left up to Peter to return and help save the day for Phoebe.

Jean Arthur
Phoebe Titus
William Holden
Peter Muncie
Warren William
Jefferson Carteret
Porter Hall
Lazarus Ward
Wesley Ruggles
Screenplay by Claude Binyon; Based on the story by Clarence Budington Kelland
Wesley Ruggles
Oscars© Art Direction, Music (Song)
Country USA
Language English